King Edmund

Anyone notice this creep popping up on Comment Is Free today? No? Well, consider the various pies in which this car industry shill and PR man has found the opportunity to plant his petroleum-greased fingers over the course of his career:


Edmund King is President of the Automobile Association. He has worked as a committee secretary for the Social Science Research Council, for a Government Department in Whitehall, in public relations for a wine company in Burgundy, in the motor industry in California, as a broadcaster in Los Angeles, as Campaigns Co-Coordinator for the British Road Federation and more recently for RAC and the RAC Foundation.

King provides a neat illustration of just one form of endemic institutional corruption in this country, and in the US. Our educational institutions, information networks, Government - every one of them has been compromised by the revolving door relationship with the business lobby (and a lot more besides). If you’re still wondering how it is we have come to be throwing bucketloads of cash at a failing, unsustainable and profoundly anti-social industry - and in exactly the way this man proposed last November - the career path of individuals like Edmund King should go some way to providing you with an answer.